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At HMFA, we endeavour to pursue any opportunity that will benefit or pupils either academically or to support our pupils’  spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Over the years we have developed a number of initiatives that have benefitted our HMFA school pupils.

Moving targets

Moving Targets is a project which offers a different route to success, an alternate arena for learning. It allows children to develop positive identities enabling themselves, peers, teachers and parents to perceive them in a different light and make important shifts in expectations. This is achieved through dance, a learning and teaching medium that places physical, mental and emotional challenges on the children. 

Together with the teaching of core values Moving Targets enables children to understand and develop the prerequisite skills and attitudes that make for successful learning.  Sensitive mentoring throughout allows the children to recognise progress and realise a true sense of achievement. Their ability to apply themselves to something slightly different and to achieve will impact upon their self esteem, self confidence and motivation. Through a performance at the Courtyard Theatre- parents, teachers and peers will also witness the successes of all those involved.

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