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Latest Ofsted Report

Some Key Points from our latest Ofsted Report

  • The federation has brought a great deal of stability to both Sutton and Kings Caple schools. This has ensured that achievement in Sutton school has improved rapidly and is now outstanding.
  • Kings Caple has a record of strong achievement for pupils. The federation has enabled the school to build on this past success.
  • The attainment and progress of groups of pupils has improved across the federation. Achievement in all schools is outstanding for the majority of pupils.
  • The additional provision that the federation has facilitated has contributed to the pupils’ personal development.
  • Pupils’ behaviour in lessons is outstanding across the federation. The demonstrate constructive¬†and positive attitudes to learning.
  • Pupils’ confidence and self-esteem has grown as they have been able to work with pupils from different schools across the federation and have broadened their outlook on life. As one pupil reported ‘we are like a family in this school and now we are part of a bigger family.’ This sentiment was shared by pupils, governors, parents and staff across the federation