Animation project with Rural Media and Into Film

stop frame animation still

Two HMFA schools were involved in an exciting animation project this year with Rural Media and Into Film.

During the stop motion animation projects the children were involved in learning about different types of film shots, the language of film, storyboarding and how to make stop motion animation films using iPads.

Pupils at St Weonards Primary School created a stop motion film about Bristol Zoo. See below.

Bristol Zoo has Fallen from Rural Media on Vimeo.

Sutton Primary Academy’s finished film is entitled ‘Mermaid vs Robots’

Synopsis: In the underwater castle, the mermaid kingdom live in peace…at night that is… As soon as everyone goes to sleep, they are awoken by a mysterious snoring noise! The Princess Mermaid investigates and follows the sound to a cave where she sees a vision of a robot invasion. The robots come and the villages fight for their lives…and the mystery of the snoring noise is revealed! see below.

Mermaids vs Robots from Rural Media on Vimeo.

This project was facilitated by The Rural Media Company through Into Film’s “See it Make it” programme 2016.

‘See It, Make It is Into Film’s flagship filmmaking programme, matching participating Into Film Clubs with a professional film practitioner to support both training for educators and skill development for young people through the making of a short film.’

Pupils and staff at St Weonards Primary School and Sutton Primary Academy would like to thank Nathan Williams from The Rural Media Company for all his hard work and fun lessons on animation.

In previous years, Lord Scudamore Academy has also worked with The Rural Media Company and Into Film on an action research project into film making using iPads and tablet technology.

We have found that film making has raised pupil self-esteem, creativity, confidence and collaboration skills. Staff and parents have expressed their delight after viewing the films.

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